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Paula is a magnificent artist with a beautiful voice, which is highly sensitive in its interpretive ability.  Paula's voice encompasses a large dynamic range and an extraordinary ability to interpret poetry, the deeper meanings within each song.  Paula has great artistic abilities and her love of the languages, as evidenced in her interpretations, is truly inspirational.

Atarah Hazzan,
Formerly with Metropolitan Opera and other Major opera houses

                                                                                              * * *

Miss Paula Oleska's voice is strong and expressive and clearly highly trained. I enjoyed her beautiful performances enormously.  She is a very talented lady.

                                                                                  * * *
Hi Paula,

Thank you for inviting us to your private concert. It was a very special performance and you were beautiful and amazing!


* * *

Dear Paula,

You were beautiful and inspiring. Your discipline and fullness of passion keep inspiring us all... You have a beautiful voice and incredible spirit!

Jyothi W.

* * *

Hello Paula,

I want to thank you so much for your very moving performance.  Even though I could not understand the words, since they were in Polish, the emotion expressed in the music/singing  'shone through' and was very beautiful.

I was honored to be part of the select group that attended your recent performance.  I certainly hope a wider audience has the chance to see you! I would be more than pleased to have another opportunity to attend.

Again, with much thanks, 


* * *

I have known Paula for many years and have always admired her professional singing.

I have attended many of her concerts, some private, and some open to the public, like the performance of Mozart's Requiem, where Paula was a soloist. I was always deeply moved by all of her performances.


* * *

I  have known Paula for many years. My father, Dr. Eugeniusz Zujewicz, heard Paula during her concert in the Polish-Slavic Center and was totally enchanted. Since he was the chairman of the Polish-American Club in Mahwah, NJ, he often invited Paula to give concerts for the club and the parish. She would sing Christmas carols and other repertory to commemorate different historical anniversaries. I particularly remember the beautiful concert of patriotic songs on one of the anniversaries of the beginning of WWII.

All of the Paula's performances touched us deeply and received enthusiastic applause. She has a beautiful, warm, excellently trained mezzo-soprano voice, and, more importantly, great rapport with her audience, always being able to relate to their emotional needs. I am sure that any audience will be thrilled with her voice and her repertoire.

Maria Zujewicz- Sidor

* * *

I teach a method of vocal support based on maximum diaphragm training called "BreathingRx For Singers" and have been doing so for 35 years. I have taught individuals and workshops around the world and most of my students have been voice teachers.

 I have known Paula for 15 years. She has a wonderful large, rich and beautiful voice. As a consummate performer, with discerning musical taste, I know that anyone who chooses to invite her to perform at their venue will be delighted.

Steven Flam
The World's Leading Teacher of Breath Support for Singers

* * *

I have known Ms. Paula Oleska for approximately 15 years. She has a good strong mezzo-soprano voice with excellent range. 

In the opera workshop where I was the music director, Paula was given leading roles; she learned them quickly and made an attractive figure on the stage. I also accompanied her in several recitals, which always had an organizing theme, for example, songs in Slavic languages.

Ms. Oleska is highly qualified to do any project, and I recommend that you hire her to perform it.

Kenneth C. Newbern

 Retired Music Director of:

 -  Hunter College Opera and Workshop;
 - Aquarius Opera;
 - Temple University;
 - University of Maryland;
 - Boris Goldowsky Summer Music Institute

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